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South Shore Bursary Program


The South Shore Bursary Program, supported by various partners including the Health Services Foundation, offers bursaries of up to $7,500 to students pursuing health-related careers. High school, college and university students from Lunenburg and Queens Counties are eligible to apply. Successful bursary recipients will be required to enter into a Return-of-Service Agreement, post-graduation, with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, and be required to work in the South Shore geographical area. The successful recipient will agree to be employed by the Nova Scotia Health Authority for no fewer than the same number of years that the recipient was provided support by the Bursary Program. Successful recipients, who are not willing to accept full-time employment with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, within the South Shore geographical area, in their field of training, will be required to reimburse the Bursary Program in full.  A penalty will be applied to student faulting on their Return-for-Service Agreement.  The penalty would be 100% of the amount borrowed plus the applicable interest rate.

Nova Scotia Health Authority employees from Lunenburg and Queens Counties returning to an accredited learning institution for education that will result in a change in the  employee's profession are also eligible to apply for a bursary.

Restrictions may be applied to specific health care professions. For the upcoming year, skill shortages in Nursing (RNs and LPNs) have been identified. The Steering Committee may also consider other applicants pursuing careers in Allied Health.

Interested in applying for the bursary, click here!

The 2021 deadline for applications is May 14th.

South Shore Bursary

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