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The South Shore Health Bursary: Paying It Forward to Receive Healthcare Back

DylanRecruiting healthcare professionals isn’t just a problem of today but one that has plagued our provincial healthcare system for decades. The South Shore Health Bursary was developed to remedy this issue in our part of the province and, eleven years later, over 100 local medical students have received funding towards their education, in return for their service.

Bridgewater’s Dylan Naugler was thankful for the bursary he received for three out of his four years in the registered nursing program at Dalhousie University, especially after already completely a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology.

“I knew I wanted to do something health-related but I didn’t know what. I ended up taking a year off after I graduated with my bachelors and started volunteering at South Shore Regional Hospital. It was one of the senior nurses on the medical/surgery floor that really sparked my interest in nursing, just by asking if I had ever considered going into the field. I hadn’t at that point but after researching the tasks and responsibilities of a registered nurse, I was like wow, this is what I want to do!”

The bursary is a joint funding project of the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore, the Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, the Queens General Hospital Foundation and two anonymous donors. Collectively, the groups have reinvested over $300,000 into medical student education.

Health Services Foundation Executive Director Arleen Stevens says it has been a wonderful partnership. “Together we have been able to invest and support over 100 of the brightest minds and keep them working at home on the South Shore. Needless to say, it has been rewarding.”

Dylan admits he really likes the return of service agreement you sign as a recipient of the South Shore Health Bursary. “Being able to stay in your own community, knowing that your community is supporting you through this funding and job opportunity; it was absolutely massive for me. The bursary was such a relief but it was also an excellent reason to stay and to do nursing on the South Shore.”

You can currently find Dylan working on the medical/surgery floor at South Shore Regional Hospital but he has more plans for the future. “I would like to become a nurse practitioner. I see myself within a family practice. There is a shortage and how great would it be to set up on the South Shore?! A career in healthcare is incredibly rewarding. I may be tired, I may work a lot of hours, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

While the majority of bursary recipients became registered nurses (RNs), the bursary also funded over 20 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), a medical doctor, two lab techs, and several others. In 2018, the South Shore Health Bursary confirmed 13 new bursary recipients, while others have graduated and have returned to serve patients in our community.

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