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Radiothon Operating Room Tour Reveals Need for Equipment Upgrade

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It’s not every day you get to view the inside of the Operating Room at South Shore Regional Hospital, and if you do, you are usually not paying attention to the equipment surrounding you.

Ahead of Radiothon 2017, the O.R. department peeled back its curtains to show a fortunate few the pieces of equipment the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore has on its list to replace.

“We always try to spread around the money generously donated by the community to the different departments. This year we want to make an impact on the operating rooms,” says Arleen Stevens, Managing Director of the Health Services Foundation. “Certainly these pieces of equipment were on a priority list. We work with the Nova Scotia Health Authority Site Manager on that list and we buy the equipment that is seen as the biggest priority in this area.”

Stevens notes many of the pieces of equipment on Radiothon 2017’s goal list are from the 1980s and 1990s. “The reality is we just need more new equipment. We’ve had an opportunity to look at the new technology and our aging technology. Kudos to our bio-engineering department who has done a fantastic job keeping our equipment working but it is absolutely time to bring in new technology.”

Radiothon 2017 hopes to upgrade seven pieces of O.R. equipment. O.R. Registered Nurse Melissa Demone explains how adding another E Pen Drive Set to the department will make a world of difference.

“It will be really nice because several of the different surgery groups use this; oral and plastic. It will be very helpful because there are times when both of the surgeons are here on the same day and you can’t do all the different surgeries.”

Radiothon 2017 hits the airwaves February 14th at 8am on CKBW and Country 100.7 aiming for a goal of $175,000. To place your pledge in advance visit www.healthservicesfoundation.ca.

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