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Health Services Foundation to Fund MIS Suites at South Shore Regional Hospital

misThe Health Services Foundation of the South Shore will be purchasing a pair of Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites for South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater.

The Board of the Health Services Foundation learned the Nova Scotia Health Authority gave the project the green light at its meeting on March 22nd. The MIS suites carry an estimated price tag of $1.4-million, which Foundation Board Chair Phil Bradfield notes is the largest financial commitment the charity has committed to.

“After a year of planning the Heath Services Foundation is very excited the project has been approved and will move forward. This is by far the largest initiative the Health Services Foundation has ever taken on but the importance of keeping quality health care local and ensuring we can retain and attract surgeons on the South Shore with the latest technology available certainly justifies the expense. This project will mean so much to the residents of the South Shore.”

The Health Services Foundation has been in conversation with the Nova Scotia Health Authority about the construction of two MIS suites since early 2016.

“Our health system in Nova Scotia is supported greatly through the generosity of individuals and families who donate through local fund raising efforts,” says Tricia Cochrane, the Vice President of Community Health & Continuing Care with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. “South Shore Regional Hospital, a valued NSHA facility, will be in a position to improve surgical services as a result of the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore campaign to purchase two Minimally Invasive Surgical suites. Thanks to the Foundation and residents, business and community groups who make donations.”

A MIS suite is used in a number of laparoscopic procedures, using a thin, long instrument with a lense and camera through tiny incisions in a patient, rather than one large one. This allows for less pain and a quicker recovery for a patient.

Lynn Farrell, Director of Health Services, Acute Care and Site Manager of South Shore Regional Hospital says the Bridgewater site is the only regional hospital without a MIS suite in Nova Scotia.

“The installation of these MIS suites are truly a win-win for both patients and medical staff. The suites will offer better efficiency, safer care for patients and an overall better working environment for surgeons and nurses.”

Janet Baker, the Manager of Health Services, Perioperative, Chemo, and Ambulatory Care, says surgeons are trained to work with laparoscopic equipment and expect to work with it when they are recruited.

“Essentially, we are preparing for the future. The MIS suites will bring the surgical department into the 21st century, integrating the laparoscopic equipment we already have with new pieces, supported by a platform and boom suspensions from the ceiling, which is why a major portion of the cost goes towards the needed infrastructure. It will make the surgical work space more cohesive and up to date. This will also help reduce waitlists for certain surgeries and allow us to look at providing new procedures.“

While the Health Services Foundation is funding 100% of the project the Nova Scotia Health Authority will be responsible for overseeing its execution and timeline.

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