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Investing in Your Roots: Dr. Hughie Fraser

Heidi Jirotka 001Some say no matter where you roam, Nova Scotia will always be home. That could not be truer for Dr. Hughie Fraser. From Cape Breton to Shelburne to Calgary and places in between, he has connections to work anywhere. But as he began his career as a doctor, a physician recruitment fund proposal drew Dr. Fraser and his wife home to Bridgewater.

“Working on the South Shore is great; I’m doing exactly what I want to do. And from a lifestyle perspective it’s great – short commutes, outdoor space to be active in, all that my family needs is accessible to us here on the South Shore.”

The well-known physician says one of the benefits of working at South Shore Regional Hospital is the wide-range of patients he gets to help. “You get to do things for yourself and take care of your patients. You don’t look after one specific problem, you look after everything. I’m an internist, I’m on-call, and I cover ICU. I take care of people with lung problems, heart problems, and then I see them or their family as out-patients. You really get to connect with patients. In a community where everyone knows everyone there’s accountability; there’s a level of trust between you, your patients and your colleagues. We all work together to make sure everything is done and everyone is helped.”

While he does treat a fair amount of older people, Dr. Fraser is hopeful all residents see the need to invest in local health care for the future of the South Shore. “If people know they can stay in Lunenburg County, work and have good health care at home, people will come back or never leave in the first place! That’s why the partnership between the community, the Health Services Foundation and its donors is so important. I feel the Foundation serves in the best interest of the community when it comes to local healthcare. The Foundation really works with staff to see what the sites needs and what can be done to improve health services on the South Shore. Every year there are worthwhile projects that have a tremendous impact people and improving patient care locally.”

It may have taken a serious accident for Dr. Fraser to write his will but he believes it is something everyone should have in place, if for nothing else, the sense of comfort it brings. “Whether you’ve been fortunate enough to have not had to use the healthcare system throughout your life, or maybe you have relied on it, making the Health Services Foundation and our local healthcare system part of your final donation is a lasting legacy. I mean, how comforting for a family to know that the passing of their loved one will positively benefit many others in their community for years to come. No matter how big or small the donation – the impact and benefits this will make for people you know and care for is remarkable.”

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