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The Joudrey’s: Leaving a Meaningful Legacy

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Avan and Lisa Joudrey, as well as their children Emma and Alex, are known for being everywhere; for being cheerleaders in their community. Whether through work, school, or volunteering, the Health Services Foundation holds a special place inside the hearts of the New Germany family.


“Working in the hospital, I get to see firsthand what the Foundation puts back into the hospitals,” says Lisa. “During my time on the maternity ward we needed bassinets, heart monitors, and several pieces of equipment that the hospital just didn’t have the money for. The Foundation helped make the equipment a reality.”

So it was natural when the husband and wife team started to discuss their wills they wanted to leave behind, something to make a difference in the community they love so much.

“We knew we needed to have a will but how do you start the conversation, especially when you’re younger and you feel like you’re going to live forever? We decided to put a bit of money aside to leave a legacy in our community, which the hospitals are the centre of,” says Avan.

“After speaking with Arleen at the Foundation,” Lisa notes, “we talked to our children about it so they understood our wishes to give back to local healthcare. If you think about it, you plan for a headstone, for your mortgage to be paid. For us it was just as important to leave a legacy with an organization that supports our hospitals. Healthcare helps everyone. We might not be able to give a whole lot but it’s something.”

Avan says while it’s an odd conversation to have, working out your will can be a good feeling. “Just knowing if something happens to us, our children are going to be looked after and it’s all going to be laid out for them, it’s kind of a feeling of security. So why not just do it?”

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