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Chair's Report 2018


This time last year I reported that the Foundation was very much in the middle of a transition. I am pleased to announce that over the past twelve months we have implemented several changes that will gain us numerous efficiencies and align us with the most current fundraising practices. We are in a better place.


As reported last year the Foundation did undertake an Operational Review with the goal of implementing all the Board approved 71 recommendations by this Spring. I am pleased to report most of the recommendations have been implemented with a handful still in progress. We anticipate all recommendations will be fully implemented over the next few months. This has been a large body of work that both the Board and staff have embraced, understanding the benefits it will bring to the Foundation.


The single biggest recommendation included updating our database and financial software. Almost daily we are seeing efficiencies gained from the conversion. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank the staff for their continued work in implementing the Operational Review recommendations.


As widely reported, our biggest project to date has been supporting the Minimal Invasive Suite (MIS) renovation and upgrade within the Operating Rooms at South Shore Regional Hospital. During the Fall of 2017 the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) initiated planning for this project based on our funding approval. In this planning phase the Foundation was notified that the project would include only a single suite due to the utilization requirements for a MIS suite at South Shore Regional Hospital. The explanation we were given was the original ask for the two MIS suites was based on previous builds within the Province and utilizing was fully vetted for South Shore Regional. Concurrently we were also notified that there were unexpected costs associated with the renovation at South Shore Regional that were not factored into the original ask. Understanding the importance of the project, the Foundation fully supported proceeding with one suite. During the discussions, the Foundation was very fortunate to have a $1-million donation to support the project from former Bridgewater High School gym teacher Stephen Sander and his family, as a thank you to the town that gave Mr. Sander his start in Canada. Completion of the project is expected in February 2019.


As we look forward, the expansion of the Emergency Room is in full discussion at the Health Authority. The project includes an expansion of the Endoscopic Suite as well as a 12 bed Dialysis Unit. We hear on a regular basis what a wonderful group of caregivers we have at both Fishermen’s Memorial and South Shore Regional Hospitals. Providing support to this and other projects will help give our caregivers the necessary resources they need to provide the best care they can.


In closing, I would just say it has been my pleasure to serve as Board Chair for a second year. It certainly has been an eventful couple of years but seeing what the Foundation has accomplished makes it all worthwhile. A heart felt thank you to all our generous donors as well as our Staff and Board Members. I’ve always looked at our Foundation, not simply a group of staff members and a Board, but as a community. We are all here to help make healthcare better on the South Shore, it simply would not be possible without you.




Phil Bradfield

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